- Ceremonies -

I am an authorised and registered  Civil Celebrant and I provide a service that is personalised, individualised, meaningful, memorable and fun. I try to make your special event that just little bit unique and whilst I specialise  in weddings I also perform Commitments, Renewal of Vows, Namings and Master of Ceremonies. Generally my style is relaxed and inclusive of family and friends, but I am able to adapt to any type of ceremony  required - be it informal or extravagant.  I cater to most areas. 

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"Marriage is a mosaic you build with your spouse; millions of tiny moments that create your love story."  Jennifer Smith

Marriage is the legal and binding commitment of a couple under Australian law. It is also the pledge and celebration of love, commitment and a lifelong devotion to each other, which often includes extended family.


"Love is the light that brings two souls together and makes the world more beautiful."  Adele Basheer – Intrinsic.com

Whilst a commitment ceremony is not a legally binding marriage it is the declaration and celebration of love, union and a long term commitment between two people who want to share their lives together. 

Renewal of vows

"A loving heart is the truest wisdom"  Charles Dickens

Renewing vows are simply the reaffirmation of your love and commitment towards each other or a new beginning with revitalized pledges.


"Words have meaning and names have power."  Unknown

Naming ceremonies are secular (non-religious) ceremonies which have been part of family and community life for centuries. Almost every culture has a ceremony or a ritual designed to celebrate or mark the occasion of birth. It is a way of welcoming a child and officially introducing him/her to family and friends.

Sometimes blended families or those adopting children may wish to formally introduce or confirm a newly named child. Adults who change their names may feel the need to 'celebrate' their new name.
Naming ceremonies and accompanying documents are NOT a baptism or christening and have no legal binding or legal status. A certificate can be presented as a token to the day.

Pet memorials

"To the world you were just one. To us you were our world"  Anonymous 

Pets are beloved members of the family and, when one dies, you may feel a significant, even traumatic sense of loss. Children in particular may mourn the loss of a pet and a celebration of your companions life with significant people may ease the pain of loss.

House Warmings

"It takes hands to build a house but only hearts can build a home"

A house warming is a great celebration which includes family and friends in the celebration of a new home, generally where love, friendship and fun are shared and dreams made to come true.

Master of Ceremonies

To the MC: "No it's not all about you just because you have a microphone". Unknown

The Master of Ceremonies or MC plays an important role in any ceremony, especially a wedding, to ensure that the event runs smoothly, runs on time and is inclusive of all parties especially the main 'stars' of the day.


An enchanted garden: "Life is a flower of which love is the honey"  Victor Hugo

"Bluehaze" is the perfect venue for small and intimate ceremonies.

My private garden is available for ceremonies but does not cater for receptions (there are many reception venues nearby). It is an old historical property with 45 degree views of the North-Eastern ranges, Mount Dandenong, Cardinia reservoir, and Port Phillip and Western Port bays. It is has a lush and beautiful garden and the farm sheds give it a 'rustic' feeling.

It is a magnificent location for a unique experience and perfect for photo shoots. It is located just 1km from the Emerald township. Parking is available and the magic of "Bluehaze" will add to any event.