- About Me -

I am a 'local' having grown up in the beautiful town of Emerald, Victoria.
I moved to Melbourne to live and work for over 20 years but I returned to the 'hills' about 12 years ago and love being back.

I have experience in public speaking, training and people management. I also worked as a singer for some years and continue to have a passion for music. I also love the bush, the beach and the city. I live on a 10 acre property with my very beautiful 'secret garden' and have various animals that also enjoy a lovely country lifestyle.

My 'enchanted' garden in Emerald is the perfect venue for a small and unique ceremony – providing an experience of intimacy and surprise. A stunning garden with views of the Warburton Ranges, Cardinia Reservoir, Port Phillip and Westernport bays provides a setting that is little known or shared.

Please call me to have a chat.


“Life is a flower of which love is the honey”. Victor Hugo